New House, New Rules. [Day 1]

Ok, it's actually practically day 2 but that could wait for later. This is just for me writing about my new house until the end of the year. ~ Before I start I'll just have to introduce myself. ~ Hi my name is Stelth_elf007, but most of my friends call me Stelth. I'm an Australian teen living in an environment that I can 110% don't like. IT'S TOO COLD TO LIVE HERE! ~ Saturday, 1st July 2017. ~ It's offical. I'm home sick and I want to go back to Brisbane and live my life with my old friends. It doesn't hurt to have a little request to go back every holidays but NOOO. Mum had to make it harder saying "If you want to go back you have to go by car." Like I'm even old enough to drive :-/. ~ I can't really complain, this new school has better selection subjects and has the programs I want to do for the future. ~ There's nothing much I can write about today except for moving (which is boring) so I'll just leave it here. ~ Stealth Mode On~
on June 30 at 06:35 PM

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