Blog #2; Names?

So... Since I've decided to blog on here regularly, I'm gonna need a better name besides "Blog". Any ideas? Comment below, please! Anyway, onto the blog about my week. Nukable has been slow, but I've seen a few new members. It's gonna take some time to grow, and there are a few bugs, but it's gonna do well, I think. My week's been... Well, my best friend is really stresses out, and I'm doing my best to comfort her. But, even though she stressed, she's doing very well in her college exams and such. I'm... Proud, of her. Honestly, I'm older and I'm not even in college yet. I just graduate high school last month. Speaking of which, I never do get a cake like my mom said... So, moving on, I'm gonna start looking for a full time job, to earn some cash, and possibly do some PC upgrades. Gonna need a new GPU, but my CPU and RAM are fine. It's okay if many of you don't know what they are, too. My family barely does. 😅 I'm thinking somewhere typical, like Taco Bell, or Walmart. Maybe a dollar store. Anything to earn the cash I need, at his point. Anyway, I hope everyone here had an amazing week, and PM me some time! I'd love to chat! Bye, guys!
on June 14 at 09:26 PM

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