My Weekly Kaos #7; The Fair

So, today my family and I went to a fair. Not much there, just some games, and auction, and food. It was fun, and my family won a lot of prizes. The prizes weren't much, just small things like seashell dreamcatchers, books, etc. I got a clock/thermometer, and... Well, I suppose I can use it. After we played games, we ate lunch, which was basic pulled pork sandwiches, beans, and potato salad. After lunch was the auction, and my family bought some new things, like an Elvis Presley purse... For my brother. Don't ask why, he just loves ANYTHING Elvis. After that, there was a talent contest. My mom and lil' sis entered in, doing a skit where my sister used her arms for my mom. Like... My mom sat, and my sister slid her arms to her sides, used a curtain, so my sister's arms looked like my mom's. So, they did that, got laughs, and came in 3rd place. We left, got dinner at a pizza place, I almost won a Go-Pro on a (rigged) game, and went home. Now, I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna end the blog here! Hope you're all doing well! See ya!
on July 15 at 09:40 PM

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