My Weekly Kaos #5; Independence Day

For those amongst you that don't know what Independence Day is, it's the day America won freedom from England. Basically, we shoot of fireworks, grill foods, have family visit, etc. Well, my 4th was pretty good. My family visit, not my newly wed sister as she's on her honeymoon, but my grandparents, older siblings, and an aunt. We grilled, I had a burger and some pudding with berries in it, then we shot off fireworks. Apparently, we shot off $800 worth of fireworks, and watched for 3 hours. I was exhausted, and could only think of one thing... After the fireworks, I ate more pudding. Yummy. Comment below how your 4th went, and I'll read it! Hope you're all doing well, and take care for the coming week!
on July 05 at 07:28 PM

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